From bespoke handles, tables, door stops and lighting, this collection is made from assemblies of found brass treasures, transforming everyday items into enchanting one off…


This collection uses original hessian storage sacks, and jute fabric to transport pieces of furniture into semblances of another use or memory.


A favourite jumper, a precious cashmere throw, a tartan heirloom – patch worked to make comforting furniture.

I printed a collage of iconic corporate images on hemp fabric to create these one off chairs for New Balance showrooms.

Each piece is one off and made up of different furniture pieces upholstered in a vibrant patchwork of embroidered canvases. It is a celebration of…


Using vintage linen tea towels, with prints depicting scenes from around the globe, I bring together vibrant memories of travels in an upholstery collage. The…


From immaculately preserved 60’s and 70’s beach towels, these bespoke pieces of furniture are patch worked into a colour spectrum evocative of bygone summers.


Made from vintage crystal and cut glass vessels, these one off pendants and wall mounted lights cast an enchanting cascaded glow. The pendant lights are…


Made from souvenir tea spoons these chrome base chandelier lights cast a sparkling light and shadow and their movement creates an enchanting sound. These cascading…


These tea cup lights are made from vintage mismatched tea cups and saucers and cast a wonderful warm glow through the fine porcelain china. They…


Working in collaboration with multi-talented team at Hecker Guthrie, I custom made 58 one off bronze handles for the high-end residential development, The Alexandra. The…

Product launch at Lane Crawford, HK of a collection I made celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee.
Branded furniture and displays for the New Balance flagship store in Chadstone, Melbourne.
In celebration of Lauriston Girls School Arts Festival I worked with students aged 5 to 17 to create an installation of flowers made out of over 5,000 recycled plastic bottles which wrapped over 35 meters of the school boundary.
The multi-coloured art installation, comprising a series of powder coated steel poles, where the different gauges and tonal shades make the simple into the extraordinary. Placed next to a doorway, the movement from the wind activates this unique art piece.